Inversion Table for Back Pain

Some readers will recall that I was hit with some really bad pseudo sciatica before Christmas. It’s long gone, thank God, but after Christmas I was waking up with some lower back tightness.

Six weeks ago, I got a minor flare up of pain and a hint of sciatica again. I went back to my rehab routine but also looked into an inversion table. I remember Jesse “the Body” Ventura talking about his experiences to Joe Rogan two or three years ago. After a bit of internet research, I found one on Amazon for £128.

It’s been a little over a month using this thing two or three times a day. I tend to hang upside down at nearly 180 degrees for three to five minutes.

OneTwoFit Heavy Duty Folding Inversion Table Therapy Stretching Machine with Adjustable Height for Back Pain Relief OT079
A Bargain

Result? My back feels a lot better. No pain and the tightness I’ve had in the morning is ebbing.

Assembling was a bit of a chore, but I’m not very intuitive with do it yourself assembly. It took three hours and two scotches to put together.

All-in-all a great purchase for me.

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