The Paleo Diabetic

My Journey Fighting Diabetes the Paleo Way!

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I’ve been living the paleo lifestyle since May 2012. That’s over 40,000 waking hours living as a paleo diabetic. Simply put, I’ve got a wealth of experience that I can share with you, but you must read on.

What was life like before I went paleo? I exercised, but my diet was terrible: too much processed “food”, too much chocolate and sweets, too much booze. I was getting fat. Surprise, surprise, in 2011, I was diagnosed with diabetes and put on insulin injections.

A year later, I gave the paleo diet a try and never looked back.

Where am I today? I’m 168lbs (12 stone); I don’t inject insulin; and I’ve never felt healthier.

Still, it hasn’t been an easy journey at times. If my mistakes can produce cautionary tales, all the better for my readers.

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