My Story

“I’m sorry, but you have diabetes.” The dreaded words too many of us have been told. Thirty-eight years of sugar, carbs, food-based products and occasional binge drinking had finally caught up with me. Even though I had been sporty most of my life, and still exercised three or four times a week, I hadn’t paid much attention to what I put into my body. Chickens had definitely come home to roost.

I was diagnosed with late onset Type 1 diabetes, prescribed insulin injections and put in touch with a dietician. She recommended the conventional food pyramid: complex carbs, moderate protein, low fat. The insulin made me feel better (I had been wasting away for months), but the standard Western diet brought me back to where I was before my diabetes: I was chunky again!

Before my diagnosis, I had read the odd article about paleo, primal and caveman, but never considered giving these diets a go. They seemed too faddish, too extreme, too contrary to the conventional wisdom. As my weight ballooned to over 200lbs (14 stone 7), however, I decided to give Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge a try. That was around eight years ago. I’ve never looked back!

Today, I’m 168lbs (12 stone), I don’t inject insulin, and I’ve never felt healthier.