Rapeseed Strikes Again

We are weak beings. At least I am from time-to-time. I had a real craving for a takeaway curry last week and caved. Not only was the curry terrible in the end, I’m sure it was cooked with rapeseed (aka canola oil). Worse still, the next day I was at a golf outing and someContinue reading “Rapeseed Strikes Again”

Whisky Review

I’m not a monk when it comes to my keto lifestyle. I do like a drink once in a while, but anything with a lot of carbs is out of the question. I can tolerate an occasional glass of red wine, but over time it will affect my blood glucose negatively. Which brings us nicelyContinue reading “Whisky Review”

Fasting Update

Following Dr Fung’s fasting protocol of three, thirty-six-hour fasts per week has really helped with my glucose levels. I eat pretty much what I want keto-wise, and I did some experimenting to see how much very, dark chocolate I can get away with on eating days. Not as much as I hoped, but still moreContinue reading “Fasting Update”

Eat Like a Nutrivore

We’re at the end of the line folks. The final chapter is essentially how to follow a paleo-diet. This is not a surprise as both authors have advocated paleo elsewhere. The only real difference now is that “Many have used this type of diet [paleo] successfully but have failed to consider the importance of food-basedContinue reading “Eat Like a Nutrivore”

Feeding the World

After another summary of the book’s key arguments, which is really unnecessary, we get to this chapter’s crux: can monocrop agriculture be replaced with regenerative systems and feed the planet’s population (give or take a billion people)? The short answer is yes. However, our authors admit a problem: it takes more land to “produce well-managedContinue reading “Feeding the World”


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