Eat Like a Nutrivore

We're at the end of the line folks. The final chapter is essentially how to follow a paleo-diet. This is not a surprise as both authors have advocated paleo elsewhere. The only real difference now is that "Many have used this type of diet [paleo] successfully but have failed to consider the importance of food-based … Continue reading Eat Like a Nutrivore

Don’t Cattle Drink Too Much Water?

Well, if you've been with me this far Dear Reader, what do you think? Propaganda coming out of the People's Socialist Republic of New York tells school children that "it takes ten full bathtubs of water to produce a quarter-pound burger." Lies, lies and more lies. Where does this water come from? Water treatment plants? … Continue reading Don’t Cattle Drink Too Much Water?

Are Cattle Contributing to Climate Change?

Full disclosure: I don't believe in anthropomorphic global warming. If you know the history of this movement, and those who push this theory, you see that this is just another effort to destroy capitalism, private property and individual liberty. Do you not remember the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit scandal? If you want to be … Continue reading Are Cattle Contributing to Climate Change?

Possible Stem Cell Cure for Diabetes

Don't pop the champagne just yet. You know, as well as I do, that these stories spring up from time-to -time. If they all came true, there'd be no cancer in the world. Nevertheless, scientist at the University of California San Francisco have finally been able to transform stem cells into insulin producing beta-cells. According … Continue reading Possible Stem Cell Cure for Diabetes

Sacred Cow – Are We Eating Too Much Meat?

That's the question kemosabe. According to our authors, there is a perception that Americans are eating too much meat. They conjure up the image of a giant T-bone hanging over the side of the plate. Early in this chapter, Rodgers and Wolf also point out that a lot of Americans equate meat with beef. Apparently, … Continue reading Sacred Cow – Are We Eating Too Much Meat?

Sacred Cow – Meat as Scapegoat

"How about restaurants in 10-15 years start treating carnivores the same way that smokers are treated? If they want to eat meat, they can do it outside the restaurant." So said Christiana Figueres, the former execute secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Would-be Totalitarian? This is a good jumping off point … Continue reading Sacred Cow – Meat as Scapegoat

Big Dinners Linked to Covid Deaths?

I stumbled across this study last week when I was researching the "King, Prince, Pauper" eating method. The title is pretty catchy "Early dinner or "dinner like a pauper": Evidence, the habitual time of the largest meal of the day - dinner - is predisposing to severe COVID-19 outcome - death." The paper concludes that … Continue reading Big Dinners Linked to Covid Deaths?