Early Morning Workouts for Blood Control

I ate a delicious Thai chicken curry on Thursday night with broccoli. Too much broccoli it turned out because my blood glucose was a poor when I woke up: 11 mmol/L. My typical response is not to eat anything all day and maybe skip dinner too. This time, however, I decided to hit the gym … Continue reading Early Morning Workouts for Blood Control

Mark Sisson: Core Workout

It's nice to see those who inspire me sometimes think along the same lines. The Paleo Guru, Mark Sisson, has put together an at-home core workout. I'm not yet bored with my government lockdown 3.0 routine, but there are a few things here that I'm going to bring in to mix things up. One, in … Continue reading Mark Sisson: Core Workout

My Government Lockdown 3.0 Workout

Well, Prime Minister Bojo, and his team of heroes, seem hellbent on lockdowns to infinity...and beyond! Even more depressing, the average Briton seems completely fine with his servitude, so long as he receives his free sh*t from Her Majesty's Government. As a result, I've developed another Covid workout. Fortunately, I've got access to a pull-up … Continue reading My Government Lockdown 3.0 Workout

Getting Back into the Gym – Rehab Workout

So the pseudo sciatica is subsiding a little bit every day. I'm finally starting to sleep well again, and I managed to get into the gym twice last week. I'm planning on three times next week. Then four times a week and then five. Readers will know I went backwards by bringing some kettlebell swing … Continue reading Getting Back into the Gym – Rehab Workout