Why Eat Animals If We Could Survive On Only Plants?

This short chapter is a bit misleading. It is really just a review of the arguments made in preceding chapters rather than giving the chapter title much of treatment. Monocrop agriculture is not the way forward. Meat and animal products should be at centre stage when it comes to healthy diets and sustainable agriculture. Meatless … Continue reading Why Eat Animals If We Could Survive On Only Plants?

Why Did Meat Become Taboo?

Our authors make the case that for many vegans and vegetarians meat is vilified in order to demonstrate their own moral superiority over barbaric, knuckle-dragging meat eaters. If it was only about personal health choices, then the vegan mobs wouldn't exist. It would be a case of live and let live. A fascinating aspect of … Continue reading Why Did Meat Become Taboo?

Sacred Cow – Does Meat Cause Chronic Disease?

Now we're getting somewhere. The first three chapters of this book have been good, but they were building a foundation. Rodgers and Wolf are starting to make their case. Nutritional Research The authors draw our attention to the problems with nutritional research at the start of this chapter. This was a gratifying read because they … Continue reading Sacred Cow – Does Meat Cause Chronic Disease?

Mastering Diabetes – Veganism in Disguise?

I have nothing against vegans, so long as they leave me alone to eat animals. Unfortunately, a lot of people gravitate towards a herbivore lifestyle for moral reasons: killing animals is bad. As a result, many don't want to leave me alone. They're zealots who would force their eating habits on meat eaters given the … Continue reading Mastering Diabetes – Veganism in Disguise?

Mastering Diabetes – A First Hand Account

Given that I backed out on "guinea pigging" myself with the Mastering Diabetes programme, the least I could do is find some information on those who gave it a go. Of course, the Mastering Diabetes website has some testimonials which is the hallmark of all good businesses. This is the bread and butter of direct … Continue reading Mastering Diabetes – A First Hand Account