Why Blog Now?

Have you heard about the 10,000 hour rule popularised by Malcolm Gladwell? The idea is simple. To become an expert at something, you need to invest 10,000 hours of blood, sweat and tears into that endeavour.

I’ve been living the paleo lifestyle since May 2013. My back of the envelope calculations tell me I’ve put in around 40,000 waking hours living as a paleo diabetic. I think that gives me some expertise that I can share with you.

It hasn’t been an easy journey at times either. If my mistakes can produce cautionary tales, all the better.

Alas, it’s not all altruism at The Paleo Diabetic. I think blogging is going to keep me more honest and help me cast aside the last vices that have slowed my path to optimal blood glucose levels. I’m calling you out red wine!

Those of you who come to the site welcome. I hope you can take away something of value.