Don’t Cattle Drink Too Much Water?

Well, if you've been with me this far Dear Reader, what do you think? Propaganda coming out of the People's Socialist Republic of New York tells school children that "it takes ten full bathtubs of water to produce a quarter-pound burger." Lies, lies and more lies. Where does this water come from? Water treatment plants? … Continue reading Don’t Cattle Drink Too Much Water?

Jason Fung – Diabetes Code

So I had my phone consult with my diabetes nurse last week. These were the numbers: HBa1C - 7.4%Total cholesterol - 7Kidney Function - normalBlood pressure - 110/70 Pretty mediocre. I've worked hard trying to get my HBa1C down to a sub 5.8% but haven't been able to crack it. I'm not worried about my … Continue reading Jason Fung – Diabetes Code

Fighting the Green Revolution

Vandana Shiva Dr Mercola has an article out that ties in very nicely with the recent chapters of Sacred Cow that I've been reading. Vandana Shiva has been fighting against monocrop, GMO, chemical-laden agriculture for six decades. One of the tactics big-Agro uses is to patent GMO seeds in order to trap farmers into a … Continue reading Fighting the Green Revolution

Are Cattle Contributing to Climate Change?

Full disclosure: I don't believe in anthropomorphic global warming. If you know the history of this movement, and those who push this theory, you see that this is just another effort to destroy capitalism, private property and individual liberty. Do you not remember the East Anglia Climatic Research Unit scandal? If you want to be … Continue reading Are Cattle Contributing to Climate Change?

Can a Sustainable Food System Exist Without Animals?

No. This is short, but interesting, chapter. I don't know the authors' politics other than they're not radical leftists. They do believe that climate change is a real concern but ruminants are not the problem. This thorny topic will be addressed in later chapters we're assured. One thing Rodgers and Wolf do well here is … Continue reading Can a Sustainable Food System Exist Without Animals?