Whisky Review

I’m not a monk when it comes to my keto lifestyle. I do like a drink once in a while, but anything with a lot of carbs is out of the question. I can tolerate an occasional glass of red wine, but over time it will affect my blood glucose negatively. Which brings us nicely on to uisge beatha (Gaelic for whisky; meaning literally ‘the water of life’).

Whisky has zero carbs, so, in a sense, it is keto-friendly. I will not go any farther than that because, let’s face it, alcohol is not good for us. That said, I love a wee dram once or twice a week especially on a nice day where I can sit on the deck and watch my chickens do silly things.

For many, whisky is an intimidating drink especially if taken neat (which purists will tell you is the only way). I’ve got two recommendations if, like me, you want to keep a small amount of alcohol in your life. These are both Scotches. I don’t mind bourbon; however, it’s not something I seek out. The less said about Irish whiskey the better. Apologies to my Donnelly cousins in advance. I just find Irish whiskey too oily.

The wordsmiths out there may have noticed two spellings. Scotch whisky does not abide the “e”.

Glenmorangie 10 Year Old

Glenmorangie Original 10 Year Old Whisky, 70 cl

This is a fantastic entry whisky. It is great value for the money, especially when on offer, and it is as smooth as smooth can be. It is delicate with floral notes. It is very light which makes this my go-to summer whisky. There is no heaviness or peat-smoke to this one, which tends to turn people off whisky if that is their first experience.

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

main product photo

This is a somewhat newish expression, as whisky people say. The 12 Year Old (which simply means how long the whisky has been in a cask before bottling) disappeared from the shelves for a while and now it’s back. I’m glad it is because this one is even lighter than Glenmorangie. Again, it’s excellent value when on sale.

As an aside, I did a little experiment on a fasting day last week to see what a small glass of whisky would do to my glucose the next morning. If anything, it was a little lower than usual.

So, if you’re a keto/paleo/diabetic and want to give whisky a try, these two are where I would start.


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