Keto Gin and Soda

Is it just a British thing or has the whole world gone gin crazy? Everyone and his uncle seems to be putting out a new brand of gin.

Once I moved beyond mixers and beer and started drinking like an adult, gin and tonics were a lovely summer staple. Of course, I haven’t touched one of these in years because tonic water is chalk full of sugar.

There are many sugar-free versions out there, but you probably know my view on artificial sweeteners if you’ve been here for a while.

And then my wife helped this sometimes slow-witted diabetic. We drink a lot of bottled, sparkling water in our house and the missus suggested mixing a bit of gin with fizzy water and a squeeze of lime. I still had a little gin in the cabinet so why not? Spirits have pretty much no sugar in them.

Overall, it was a good drink. Not as good as a traditional G&T, but on a hot summer’s day, it did the trick!

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