Eat Like a Nutrivore

Sacred Cow: The Nutritional, Environmental and Ethical ...

We’re at the end of the line folks. The final chapter is essentially how to follow a paleo-diet. This is not a surprise as both authors have advocated paleo elsewhere. The only real difference now is that “Many have used this type of diet [paleo] successfully but have failed to consider the importance of food-based micronutrients and sustainability as part of the picture.” So don’t just follow a whole-food paleo diet, but also find out where your food is coming from and make sure your producers adhere to regenerative/sustainable systems.

Beyond doing your research on sustainability, there isn’t much on offer in this chapter for someone who already lives keto/paleo. Don’t get me wrong, the advice is all good (e.g., thirty-day challenge, 80/20 rule, etc.), but there’s nothing unique here.

For the novice, however, this chapter is as good a place as any to start one’s paleo journey. That said, it’s probably easier reading my five minute explanations on keto and paleo:

What is Paleo? – The Paleo Diabetic

What is Keto? – The Paleo Diabetic

Mark Sisson is also a great place to start. That’s where I began ten years ago:

Mark’s Daily Apple: Start Here | Beginner’s Guide (

Final Thoughts

Sacred Cow was worth the effort. Rodgers and Wolf were already preaching to the choir, so it wasn’t like I needed to be converted to their cause. Nevertheless, it deepened my understanding about just how important ruminants are to our environment. I also had no idea that monocrop agriculture was so bad. I was wholly ignorant of soil exhaustion for example. Finally, the book has provided me with more ammunition against the enemies of meat. What especially fascinated me is just how much plants feel.

This is a very easy read. If you like this genre of books, then get yourself a copy.

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