Jason Fung – Diabetes Code

So I had my phone consult with my diabetes nurse last week. These were the numbers:

  • HBa1C – 7.4%
  • Total cholesterol – 7
  • Kidney Function – normal
  • Blood pressure – 110/70

Pretty mediocre. I’ve worked hard trying to get my HBa1C down to a sub 5.8% but haven’t been able to crack it. I’m not worried about my total cholesterol which I’ve written about before. What’s a paleo diabetic to do? Consider insulin?

Not yet doggone it! I started listening to the audible version Dr Jason Fung’s Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally a few days ago. It’s a good book which I recommend to other diabetics out there.

At the end of each chapter, Dr Fung provides the reader with one of his patient success stories. In each case, so far, the patient has been able to reduce or greatly improve his diabetes through eating a low-carb, high-fat diet, exercising and fasting. You, Dear Reader, know I do all these things. However, this is the difference: Dr Fung has his patients fast every other day for 36 hours.

I’ve never tried this. My fasts have tended to be reactive. If my blood glucose was high, I’d go on a fast for couple of days. Dr Fung’s approach seems much more therapeutic. Maybe this is approach for me?

So here’s my plan. I’ve been waking up for a couple of weeks in the 8.6 to 10.0 mmol/L range. Very bad, I know. So I’m on a three-day fast, which I’ll break on Wednesday night. From there, I’m going to start Dr Fung’s fasting regimen.

We’ll see how it goes. Watch this space.

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