Fighting the Green Revolution

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Vandana Shiva

Dr Mercola has an article out that ties in very nicely with the recent chapters of Sacred Cow that I’ve been reading. Vandana Shiva has been fighting against monocrop, GMO, chemical-laden agriculture for six decades. One of the tactics big-Agro uses is to patent GMO seeds in order to trap farmers into a cycle of dependency, collect royalties and control the vegetable food supply. According to Shiva:

“This is why the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), World Trade Organisation (WTO), General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), and others came into the picture. What was most horrifying was their ambition to limit this to a total of just five companies that would control food and health globally. Today, we have four — I call them the poison cartel.”

Shiva did something about this in 1994. She founded Navdanya, “a nonprofit organization promoting biodiversity, organic farming and seed saving.” Essentially, she went into rural India to warn farmers of big-Agro, GMOs and to save non-GMO seeds. This is the obvious way to fight big-Agro: have your own non-GMO seed supply and warn farmers about GMOs. She didn’t stop there. She travels round the world speaking to farmers everywhere.

Mercola also goes on to discuss regenerative agriculture, which is one of the key arguments of Sacred Cow. Simply put, “regenerative agriculture practices aim to rebuild soil health, restore ecosystems and promote human health through the growing of nutrient-dense food, while providing farmers with economic and financial stability.”

It’s really worth a read especially given how far North American farmers have gone down the GMO rabbit hole.

The Seeds of Vandana Shiva (

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