Early Morning Workouts for Blood Control

I ate a delicious Thai chicken curry on Thursday night with broccoli. Too much broccoli it turned out because my blood glucose was a poor when I woke up: 11 mmol/L. My typical response is not to eat anything all day and maybe skip dinner too.

This time, however, I decided to hit the gym early. I’m a man of routine especially in the mornings. I like my coffee, my economics and politics blogs, the news, etc. So I didn’t like having a quick coffee and heading out the door. I did it anyways.

I’m glad I did. Because after my back-chest-core-circuit X 13 and an hour on the elliptical, including ten sprints, my blood was down to 8.0 mmol/L. Sure, it wasn’t perfect but that number came down during the day. It was much better than the alternative.

I did the same thing this morning. My blood wasn’t as bad, 9.4 mmol/L, but I thought, “Why not? What else do I have to do at six in the morning?” It was a similar routine (an arms and core circuit X 13 and 50 mins on the elliptical) and a similar result: 8.2 mmol/L. I didn’t do any sprints so maybe that’s why sugar didn’t drop as dramatically when compared to last week.

Regardless, I think I can get used to going to the gym early if it means better blood control.

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