Keto Chilli

For some reason, a few weeks ago I got thinking about chilli. I loved it growing up but rarely, if ever, made it once out of the nest. My better half made it from time-to-time, but that was before I took over cooking duties. Anyways, I “swisscowed” keto chilli and tons of recipes came up. I went with one from a site called “Low Carb Life.” The recipe has had over 700 reviews and has an average of 4.5 Stars.

Plastic ladle full of chili

What was the result? Fantastic. I made two tweaks: I used a little bit of Scotch bonnet peppers because I couldn’t get jalapenos, and I replaced tinned tomatoes with fresh. I’ve read too many articles about contaminants due to leaching to ever go near canned tomatoes again.

The chilli resulted in an elevated glucose reading for me in the morning. I went to the gym really early and worked it off, so the damage was minimal. If you have a fully functioning pancreas, this should not be a problem. Enjoy!

Keto Chili | That Low Carb Life

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