Big Dinners Linked to Covid Deaths?

I stumbled across this study last week when I was researching the “King, Prince, Pauper” eating method. The title is pretty catchy “Early dinner or “dinner like a pauper”: Evidence, the habitual time of the largest meal of the day – dinner – is predisposing to severe COVID-19 outcome – death.”

The paper concludes that the later one eats, the greater the chance of dying from covid. The authors believe that eating later promotes inflammation which allows covid easier entry into the body’s cells.

This is a not a gold standard study by any stretch. The data are from dietary surveys which have the built in flaws of memory errors or even dishonesty (though I don’t see why people would lie about the time they have dinner). However, it is and interesting first step.

Of course, people die from covid for many reasons: age, co-morbidities, obesity, lifestyle, bad luck, etc. Nevertheless, all other things being equal, eating later looks like it could be another reason. I hope more research is carried on this in the near-future. In the meantime, it looks like another good reason to continue with my new eating regime!

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