My Government Lockdown 3.0 Workout

Well, Prime Minister Bojo, and his team of heroes, seem hellbent on lockdowns to infinity…and beyond! Even more depressing, the average Briton seems completely fine with his servitude, so long as he receives his free sh*t from Her Majesty’s Government.

As a result, I’ve developed another Covid workout. Fortunately, I’ve got access to a pull-up bar, a few heavy plates and a few machines. Here we go!

Routine One

  • Pull-ups
  • Press-ups
  • Crunches

So far so easy, right? Wrong. I’ve gone a little wild here in order to really force the glucose into my muscles. I do these three exercises as a basic circuit…ten times. I take a one minute break after four circuits and then another break after seven. All exercises to exhaustion.

Routine Two

  • Shoulder press
  • Biceps curls – with a 25kg plate
  • Triceps pull downs
  • Calf raises – own weight

I take the same approach as above. The four exercises are done to exhaustion as a circuit. Ten circuits.

What about the rest of my legs? No way. I’m still far too wary of pseudo-sciatica returning if I overwork my glutes.

So during the work week, I flip between the two routines. I’m lifting heavy things five days per week.


I hit the elliptical machine five days a week. How much time? Anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes. The pace is something like a very brisk walk or light jog. I’m still a believer in Mark Sisson’s caution against chronic cardio. The only thing I need to add is some sprint work. I’ll do this on the elliptical as well since proper sprints have led to hammy pulls in the past. Sprints will be once a week.



I do take a longish walk though. I’ll usually go for a couple of hours. With views like this, it would be a waste not to get rambling.

Tarka Trail - South West Woodland Directory

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