Mastering Diabetes – Veganism in Disguise?

I have nothing against vegans, so long as they leave me alone to eat animals. Unfortunately, a lot of people gravitate towards a herbivore lifestyle for moral reasons: killing animals is bad. As a result, many don’t want to leave me alone. They’re zealots who would force their eating habits on meat eaters given the chance. Again, I must stress that I’m not writing about all vegans. Surely some of you are of the to each his own mentality.

So what of the Mastering Diabetes Team? My previous article pointed out that a newbie got chastised for eating cheese by some Mastering Diabetes coaches. It seemed that there was more going on here than simply pointing out an error:

“This language and expectation of 100 percent compliance within the first week of the program left me feeling incredibly alienated and criticized. I knew that even while continuing with the program, I wouldn’t be posting any more pictures or trying to engage in discussion about my personal experience.”

That said, Khambatta himself doesn’t seem like a zealot for veganism. In one interview, he discusses keto. He doesn’t criticise it a great deal. His beef is that there is not enough research out there on the lifestyle:

“The truth is that when it comes to ketogenic diets and low carbohydrate diets, very low carbohydrate diets, there’s a strong paucity of research of what happens to people over the course of two, three, four, five years and beyond. Until that body of research starts to surface, we’re not going to be able to answer the question about what happens to somebody who’s just strictly avoiding carbohydrate energy and maintaining a good A1c and fasting blood glucose.”

Nevertheless, Khambatta and Barbaro seem quite friendly with one Dr Michael Gregor. See their chummy video here. Gregor is the Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture for Humane Society International (HSI) This organisation looks like it lobbies against things that many people would find laudable like dog-fighting, factory farming, animal abuse, etc. So far, so what. Yet, a rummage around the HSI site and you come across how farm animals contribute 15% of global warming gasses. Say what you will about the so-called science of anthropomorphic global warming, there is no doubt that this “crisis” has been used for decades by politicians, do-gooders and lobbyists to increase their control over us through taxes, regulations and laws. Just look here and get reading if you don’t believe me.

More worrying is the HSI page devoted to, you guessed it, “plant-based eating.”

First, you’re met with these scary stats:


What’s wrong with 80 billion raised and killed animals? Why not 160 billion or two billion? The number itself is meaningless. However, the underlying message is “this is a lot and it’s bad.” Ditto for the amount of water to produce one kilo of chicken: “that’s a lot and it’s bad. Plants use less water”. Sidebar: I’ve got chickens and this number seems ludicrous. I’m guessing there is some creative statistics being used here.

Following the scary stats, we’re met with the money quote:

An animal-based diet is implicated in multiple human health conditions, causes immense animal suffering due to factory farming, intensive confinement and inhumane animal handling and slaughter, and has significant negative environmental impacts. Adopting a more plant-based diet will help combat climate change through reducing the carbon footprint of our food choices and will conserve precious planetary resources. It also benefits our health, as diets rich in fruit and vegetables reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity, and of course it spares animals from suffering on factory farms, creating a more healthy and humane world for all.

Readers who go to this site might respond, “but Paleo, they only complain about factory farming.” Well not so if you read closely. The quote above covers animal based diets generally. Moreover, this is a common tactic of those who want to use the barrel of the gun to foist their views on others. You take something that most people disagree with, e.g., factory farms/animal cruelty, and you use it as a wedge for larger issues such as banning meat entirely. Those on the political left are in it for the long-game and have been doing this for decades. Moreover, you’ll see again the linking of meat with so-called global warming.


I’m not going to resort to guilt by association. Just because Khambatta and Barbaro roll with someone who is an animal rights zealot does not mean they are too. Still, it gives one pause. Are they promoting a plant based diet for health reasons only, or are they smuggling in their ethics too? My post yesterday suggests that some of their coaches are certainly up for “struggle sessions” if you eat cheese. Forfend! I suppose if they are coming from that position, then keto will always be wrong even if it leads to good health for those who follow it.

This is my last post for these chaps. I say good luck to them. There is clearly a market out there for vegans who have developed diabetes for whatever reason. If they want to eat plants and nothing else, good luck to them. I hope the programme works. So long as they leave me to eat what I want, then I don’t really care. Unfortunately, many of these people won’t leave us alone. Indeed, readers will remember that I linked to a video from Low Carb Down Under in the summer where one of the lecturers said this about plant based types, “We think they’re mistaken; they think we’re evil.” And so it goes.

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