My blood was seriously high a couple of days ago (14.4 mmol/L) due to (my) human weakness. Too much food and alcohol based merriment: red wine, too much meat, dark chocolate. Sure, all of this would be a good example of moderation in normal people: I didn’t get drunk; I ate no refined sugar; my few carbs came from vegetables, etc. Unfortunately, I’m not normal. My pancreas is substandard. My “moderation” led to hyperglycaemia which is very bad.

Sidebar: I’ve decided I can’t have wine even for a few days on special occasions. A glass at Christmas, on my birthday, etc. okay, but sadly that’s all I can do now.

Even though I’m going on the water/black coffee only fast next week (for five days), I decided to go on a 3½ day fast to get my blood down. I’m on day three right now and woke up with a very good reading: 6.8 mmol/L.

Which brings us to autophagy. I’ve said a few things about this before. It is literally when your body eats itself. Old, broken cells and other microscopic detritus get gobbled up by your healthy cells. Metaphorically, it’s a house cleaning. Fasting promotes autophagy.

A good overview can be found below in the first minute. There’s also a good discussion on ketosis, even though the chap uses it to plug for his ketone testing kit. We all must make a living.

Happy New Year dear reader! Let’s hope 2021 is a bit better than 2020.

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