Blood Glucose Struggles

Self-inflicted struggles. I wrote in November how my reduction in exercise had resulted in higher blood glucose readings. The last fortnight has led to even higher readings, and I think I have isolated the reason why:


Yes, my old frenemy red wine paid a visit over the Yuletide (my other old friend, Scotch whisky dropped by once or twice too). I was planning this to be a treat on a few key days, but it turned into a holiday habit of one or two glasses on most nights for the last two weeks. Weakness!

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The results were predictable: blood glucose readings inching up every morning; my liver overcompensating when I laid off the wine with a flood of glucose in the morning; blood coming down during the day only to shoot up again while I slept; a mild headache due to the booze, the mild-dehydration and the higher glucose.

I’ve written before about alcohol and chronic inflammation. It’s bad. I decided that the trade off of delicious wine with my roast goose, roast lamb, roast beef, etc. was worth a little bit of pain. That ended this morning when I poured the rest of the wine down the sink. Good-bye dear friend. When will I see you again?

Some of you might say, but Paleo, what were you eating? What kind of exercise were you doing? Maybe they played a part in your blood glucose woes? My diet was pure keto over the last two weeks: fatty meats, a little veg, a few nuts, a bit of cheese and a few squares of really dark chocolate. I exercised every day except Boxing Day. Either I was in the gym or off on a biggish walk. No, the problem was the wine. Or more accurately, the problem was me choosing to drink wine.

I’m going to spend this week eating strict keto with a bit of carnivore mixed in. No more booze. No chocolate. No nuts. One of the highlights over the last fortnight was my ability to up the cardio without any return of pseudo-sciatica. So I’ll be keeping with a more intense workout routine with 45 to 60 mins on the elliptical.

What about next week? Five-day water fast! Long-time readers will know I did a four-day in the summer. It was a trial. On many levels I felt great: euphoria on days two and three, clearer thinking, great blood readings, autophagy. The negative was that I was obsessing over food by the end of day two. It’s not nearly as easy as a fat fast. So why do it? Why not? It’s a good way to cleanse the system. It’s a great way to get my blood glucose really low, really fast. I also like the idea of starting the New Year with a challenge.

Watch this space. Sunday night will be my last meal, and I won’t eat again until the following Friday night. Should be fun.

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