Out Walking Again – What Great Benefits!

Dreaming of Devon - Britain and Britishness

During my recovery from pseudo-sciatica, I really missed my walks. It was good for my blood glucose and physical health generally. Yet, I think it was the mental or psychological boost that I missed the most. Walking is good for my soul you see.

Walking Guide: Recommended South West Coastal Path Walks

It helps if you live in a good geographical setting. I’ve been lucky over the years to live in areas with some pretty good surroundings.

A Team Walk Up Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Looking back, however, I realise I was always able to find nearby places that gave my soul a boost (at least in adulthood). Even areas that were built up and far from the countryside had their charms:

Old Leigh, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex - Beautiful England Photos

In any event, we’re made to walk. This was one of the big takeaways I got all those years ago from reading Mark Sisson. I can’t really explain the psychological boost I get. I need to be off rambling for at least an hour before I feel it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve got my heart beat up a bit from the walk, but around that time, I stop and drink in the scenery and conclude life is pretty good. Maybe it’s just a part of human nature.

I also come up with good ideas whilst walking. If something is bothering me or if I have a problem to solve, a two or three hour stroll often helps me come up with a solution. This is a tried and true technique going back to Aristotle.

I went for a ninety minute walk the a couple of weeks ago whilst I was still on the mend. Fortunately, I didn’t aggravate my left glute and had a really fun time. Now that the holidays have arrived, I’ve got a bit more time to get out rambling. I’ll be out there today, even though the weather looks pretty miserable. It’s still far better than sitting on my arse indoors.

Get walking!

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