Pseudo Sciatica – Last Post…I Hope

I was counting back the weeks yesterday. How long had it been since I first sensed a problem in my sciatic nerve? Nine weeks. I suppose only one of those weeks was really, really bad: constant pain, some shooting pain up to 8/10 on my personal threshold, crawling out of bed, not being able to tie my own shoes or put on my own socks. It was rough.

But, thanks to the internet and God, I was able to find relief quickly and get rid the acute pain. The other seven weeks have been the slow road back to 100%. There was quite a lot of pain in those weeks from time-to-time but it was manageable. Where am I today?

  • Well, I’m going golfing today, so that’s some indication. The pain is gone except for a bit of a (sometimes) burning sensation in my left buttock when I do the pigeon stretch or touch my toes.
  • My sleep is back to normal thank God: no problems with different positions or sleeping on my left side.
  • My mobility is back to normal. I’m in the gym again five days a week. Although, I’m sticking with upper body only and the elliptical machine. I even did forty-five minutes on the elliptical a couple of times last week.
  • I went for one of my country walks a couple of weekends ago. None of my leg and core muscles were used to that; however, with a lot of stretching in the days after, there were no ill effects. I’ll be taking more of those from now on. More on that later this week.
  • The numbness in my left cheek is pretty much gone now. I can feel my arse again!
  • The only lasting problems, which I hope will be gone soon, are a bit of tightness in my left buttock, a knot in my calf and some very mild numbness in my left food. All three of these niggles are getting better every day. So I just need to keep up with the stretches and the ball therapy.
  • I don’t think I’ll be going back to leg work any time soon. Maybe in four or five months time I’ll work some box jumping back in. For now, the only work my legs get will be from walking, the elliptical and a bit of jogging (at some point).

What about my blood? This has not been an ideal two months for my blood glucose levels. The lack of hard exercise and hard lifting five days a week has had a negative impact. I’d guess my HbA1c is in the high sevens. Dr Bernstein was right: hard anaerobic exercise really does get the glucose into the cells. Aerobic exercise, of course, is very important too. Not being able to do much of either set me back a bit. Now is the time to get back on the horse and get my blood sugar to where it needs to be.


There’s a theory of history called the Whig Theory. It is simple: human history is an upward line of improvement from thousands of years ago to today. It’s a load of hooey. There are big ups and big downs in history: humanity goes backwards morally, economically, etc. Sometimes humans go sideways for centuries with little betterment or backsliding. Sometimes there are great explosions in creativity and economic prosperity. Individual lives are the same. Sometimes we are having weeks, months, maybe years of good times and then we get hit with a problem. Those are the times when we need to fight through despair, pain, reverses and find a way forward. I was definitely in a bad place for a couple of weeks. With some help from above and my fellow man on the World Wide Web, I was able to fight through.

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