Being More Productive in the Gym

The great Gary North often writes about time being a resource we lose more of every day. Maybe because I’ve got more years behind me than (statistically) ahead, I’ve taken this truth to heart. I’m spending more time thinking about how I can be more productive. One area is the gym.

Current Book

I don’t mean working out differently. I’m always doing some kind of circuit, so I have very little rest time. What I mean is there any way I can be more productive in other areas whilst I’m in the gym? Yes there is.

When I’m on the elliptical, I read. Over the last few years, I’ve read five books. I know that some fitness types will say this is a mistake because I could be running at high intensity or whatever. However, high intensity is not great for me. Forty-five minutes of moderate intensity cardio is on a day-to-day basis. If I can do something else during that time, other than staring in the mirror or listening to music, so much the better.

If you can’t read whilst being on the elliptical, bike, etc. Why not get an e-book?

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