Thank God for Sweden

I going political today. Those living in Western countries other than Sweden have been living under various Draconian regimes since March. The Aussie government is planning to forcibly vaccinate its populace. I’m guessing that the Yanks, Canucks, Kiwis and Poms won’t be far behind. Certainly Bojo and his crew of clowns seem capable of anything over here. Hell, they’ve been ruling without parliament for months. If you’re a lucky reader, you may be living in an American state that didn’t lock down. However, they are far and few between.

Which brings us neatly to Sweden. The Swedes did not lock their country down despite massive pressure to do so from the typical totalitarians on the left in their own country and abroad. The rag that best embodies the totalitarian impulse today in the West, The New York Times, calls the Swedish approach calamitous and disastrous. These hacks, whose mantra in life is “government and socialism good, individual freedom bad,” are the cheerleaders for totalitarianism. You can find the same cheerleading in the Guardian in the UK, the number two rag in the world for more state control over us all. I would bet the farm there are several rags in the rest of the Anglosphere that do the same thing.

Eventually, some of the Draconian measures will be lifted; I’m guessing in the spring. However, not all of them will be lifted. Governments in all countries, virtually without fail, use crises to increase their power over the common man. When the crisis, real or imagined, ends, the country never goes back to the way things were. There is a ratcheting effect when it comes to the state’s power over us. Robert Higgs explains this in his book Crisis and Leviathan.

So why do I thank God for Sweden? Because those who seek truth and freedom will be able to point to a real, non-Draconian example of dealing with Covid when the hysteria eventually dies down. If Sweden did not do what they did, the totalitarians would be able to say “we locked you down for your own good, and, look, we saved millions of lives because of our measures.” If there was no counter example, there would be no way to refute them definitively.

Thank you Swedes.

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