The Spiderman Crawl

I have had good results with my blood sugar because I’m lifting more heavy things now. However, when you’re in your fifth decade, the body doesn’t always like what you’re doing. Specifically, my lower back has been aching for the last week with a bit of sciatica on my left side added in for a bonus. I’m doing my best to stretch it out, but I think the hack squats will aggravate it. Such is life. Thank you hockey!

So I need a workaround. Something that will work my legs but keep the pressure off my back. Come on down spiderman crawls! This is a fun, challenging exercise that really works the legs. It’s also great for my core and shoulders.

I’ve been doing four sets on my leg days. One set is a lap around the gym which is about 25m. By the end of the lap my thighs are burning. I keep my arms and legs very low to the ground as I do the crawl as that increases the difficulty. Near the end of the sets, I can feel myself bringing my legs a bit higher because I’m getting tired. Fight against that.

The other great thing about this little number is that you don’t need a gym. Crawl around your house. Anyways, here’s a good how to video:

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