My Post Covid Workout

As I wrote yesterday, I need to increase my lifting in order to get my Hb1Ac below 5.8%. I’ll explain why this number is important tomorrow.

I gave it some thought. I decided I need to increase the intensity and duration of my workouts. Instead of working muscles with one exercise, I’m going up to two in most cases. I will do four sets of each exercise until exhaustion. That means I keep doing the exercise until I can’t do it anymore. Then I rest for a minute and do it gain.

These are all exercises I’ve done over the years. I just haven’t worked out with this intensity for a long, long time. As I’m approaching my half-century (in a few years), it will be interesting to see how my body holds up with below routine.

I’ll follow this from Monday to Friday.

My cardio will consist of 45 minutes on the elliptical machine (aka cross-trainer) after the weight training.

I’ll write up a review of how this is going on Fridays.

I would not recommend this workout for beginners or for people who don’t know their way round the gym. Get advice from a trainer.

Day One – Back and Chest

Day Two – Arms and Calves

Day Three – Legs, Abdominals and Shoulders


I’m not one to worry about my weight at least since going paleo all those years ago. Nevertheless, I’m curious to see if the above programme will result in more muscle mass. My current weight is 11 stone 8 pounds. That’s 162 lbs for the Americans out there. I don’t do kilograms if I can help it.

For new readers, it’s worth noting that before changing to the paleo lifestyle, I topped out at 15 stone 10 pounds or 220lbs. I was a fatso.

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