Sitrep – Six Weeks after Fasting

So it’s been six weeks since my four-day water/coffee fast. I also worked in a three-day fat fast a couple of weeks ago which had very good results.

How has my blood glucose been? Overall, good. But I had a little bit of a hiccup last week. Unfortunately, I had a three-day run where my morning blood glucose went from 8.4 mmol/L to 9.6 to 10.8. What happened?

It was a combination of things. I had a week off from work and binge watched two seasons of the Sopranos. The result? I wasn’t exercising as much, and I was nibbling too many nuts.

Also, I had three meals in a row where I ate too much protein. In particular, two were chicken breast based meals. I’ve written about gluconeogenesis before. Once again too much dense protein led to higher than acceptable blood glucose levels in the morning.

I’ve managed to get my blood glucose back to some normalcy through increased exercise, some intermittent fasting and more fatty meats. Yesterday, my morning reading was 7.2 mmol/L. This morning it was 8.0. The higher reading today was, again, due to too many nuts while watching TV.


I can’t have nuts in front of me on the coffee table. One handful becomes two then three then four. Also, when I do have chicken breast, I must exercise more restraint. I should be eating less than a chicken breast to be honest.

Over the next three weeks I’ll be playing around with meal skipping. I’ll also do a time restricted experiment to see how that affects my blood.

I’ve also found a new exercise routine that looks exciting. More on that shortly.

At the beginning of August, I’ll be going on another fat fast.

Until then. Less nuts!

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