Three Day Fat Fast – Day 3

Americans are missing out on Red Leicester

So I’m breaking my fast right now with some coffee and Red Leicester. Another fast out of the way!

Blood glucose? It was 5.7 mmol/L this morning. I was expecting it to be lower, but I didn’t do much exercise yesterday, and I may have forgotten to take my metformin before bed. Oopsy! Still, it was down to 5.2 when I got home from work.

I have to say it again. Fat fasts are a complete doddle. There’s very little craving for food during the day. If I’m feeling a bit of a pang, I’ll just have a little organic butter. Sorted.

I just got back from a six kilometre run. When I ran the same route during the water fast, I was in a bad way. Especially going up hills. This time round? No problems. I felt really good.

Energy was great today and only a very mild headache this morning. That went away a few minutes after having a big pinch of sea salt.


I don’t see myself going back to three or four day water fasts to be honest. Why? Fat fasts are so much easier, and the benefits are pretty similar. I’m in ketosis, autophagy still happens, but I don’t have headaches as much, and I’m not that hungry.

I’ll keep with the three-day fat fasts once a month and cycle in the odd one-day water fast here and there.

My next experiment is going to be time restricted eating. More on that later.

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