Too Many Nuts

A staple snack for many paleos is nuts. They are high in fats, many are low-carb and they have a good amount of protein. I eat walnuts and pecans mainly. Almonds are pretty good, as too is almond butter. The butter’s getting very pricey though. I avoid cashews since they are very high in carbs.

I’ve also got back into pure, crunchy peanut butter so long as it comes from roasted peanuts. Peanuts are actually not a nut at all but a legume. They also have significantly more carbs than the nuts mentioned above (except for cashews). Moreover, some paleos consider them unhealthy. Fortunately for me, the jury has overturned that former verdict; the current research suggests peanuts are okay in moderation.

So what’s the cautionary tale here? The problem is that they are just so easy to eat. A handful here, and handful there. Before I know it, I’ve smashed 80g of the bloody things while watching a movie on Friday night. In the morning? Glucose spike!

It’s only been in the last six months where I became fully aware of how many nuts I was eating. You may think that a handful is what 10 or 15 grams? No way. Try forty or fifty. This was another factor holding me back from optimal health.

This is another area where I must exercise iron discipline to keep my blood down. Since the four day fast, I have had the odd handful here and there, but I’ve not been stupid. Maybe that should be my mantra: don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid.

I didn’t come to this cautionary tale independently. It was actually through a doctor on Youtube named Ken Berry. It only took me about nine months to properly act on his advice…don’t be stupid, don’t be stupid. Anyways, this is what he has to say on nuts:

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